About Us

Founder President

Late Mr. Ismail Ebrahim Hakim the founder President of Ideal Education society,
was born in the respected Hakim Family of Ratnagiri on 30th April, 1913. He
devoted his life for the upliftment of the society and spread education amongst the muslims of
Ratnagiri district. He played a major role in opening Urdu Medium High Schools like National High School,
Ratnagiri (now known as Mistry High School), Ideal Girls' High School, Ratnagiri (Now known as Aziza
Dawood Naik High School), Navjeevan High School, Rajapur, Thakur High School, Tirlot and a High School
in Bankot. For his major role in the field of education he was known as Sir Sayyed of Kokan. He gave
financial help to many boys and girls from Kokan. He passed away on 14th January, 1987.



Past President & Permanent Trustee
Permanent Trustee

Naik Family of Ratnagiri is well known amongst the businessmen, educationists, politicians and the community. If one wishes to write
the history of this family it will run into several pages. Naik brothers are amongst the leading exporters of India. They have received many
prestigious Awards for the distinctive achievement in business. Late Mr. M. D. Naik was the President and Permanent Trustee and
Late Mr. Shaikh Hasan Dawood Naik was permanent Trustee of Ideal Education Society, Ratnagiri. Late Mr. M. D. Naik was associated with
many Social and Education organizations. He was vice-president of Congress party, Maharashtra, Vice-Chairman of Kokan Mercantile Bank Ltd.
In 1979 the Naik Brothers extended their helping hands to Ideal Education Society and in appreciation of help received from them, the school
was renamed after their beloved mother as Begum Aziza Dawood Naik Girls' High School. Maintnee idol Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan) performed the
renaming ceremony in 1979. The younger generation of Naik Family is following footsteps of their elders and are involved in many social and
welfare activities.

Mr. Rafiq M. Naik
Present President

Message From President
I extend my warm greetings to all on the occasion of Annual Day of Schools managed by Ideal Education
Society, Ratnagiri. I feel proud to say that every passing year our schools are progressing rapidly.
Along with other subjects our special attention is on the studies of computer and I. T. for which we have
established the computer Library well equipped with latest versions of computers and modern facilities.
We are progressing with our mission to provide best education, knowledge and information to the students and
make them good citizens of tomorrow. With continuous efforts we are trying to bring academic, cultural and
sports excellence in our students.